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Language Classes

Are you thinking of giving your child the invaluable opportunity of learning a foreign language?

If so, you might like to consider enrolling them in a LingoAmigos class where they will develop their language skills in an enjoyable and supportive setting. See your child’s interest and confidence blossom as their ability to understand and speak another language gains momentum!

For children, learning another language is an exciting and rewarding experience. It is widely acknowledged that the earlier a child starts to learn a language, the easier it is for them make progress, since their natural curiosity and desire to gain knowledge enables them to quickly develop their language skills. Taking part in a LingoAmigos class is an ideal way for your child to develop their skills in another language and can provide them with a solid grounding for future studies. For those children already learning the language at school, our classes can help to boost performance in the subject.

LingoAmigos classes are small and children are grouped according to age. Our enthusiastic language teachers and tutors encourage children to make progress at a pace that suits their individual needs. Children take part in a variety of engaging activities such as songs, poems, stories, games and crafts and, in doing so, they explore the fascinating wonders of other cultures. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are gradually developed and children soon begin to use the language independently. Further exploration of the language is recommended and children are therefore encouraged to complete supplementary activities at home.

LingoAmigos runs classes throughout term-time. Newcomers are always welcome at any time!

To register for a place in a LingoAmigos class or to enquire about current or forthcoming classes in your area, please drop us a line via our contact page.

LingoAmigos love languages!